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Luscious Creams and Butters  for smooth, soft skin!

Five Stones Aromatherapy creams and balms are oh so creamy to quickly absorb into the skin keeping it hydrated and protected.

The combination of all natural, sustainable butters, and 100% essential oils makes these products extremely nourishing.

Each scent or aroma, as we call it, is bright, delightful and reminiscent to it's name leaving a lasting impression in your mind and on your body.

Each custom blend is made from 100% pure and sustainable plant essential oils that are:

*Always GC/MC Tested

*100% Pure Essential Oils

*Sustainably Sourced

All products are custom made in small batches to preserve freshness and purity of the all-natural butters, oils, and essential oils.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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