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Created when my homeschooled daughter got strep throat. I wasn't taking any chances for that outside germ to spread to the rest of the family.


Full of antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial goodness with a slight licorice scent.


The following essential oils are included in this blend:


Sweet Majoram(Origanum majorana) - supports self-care, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties as well as antihistaminic.


Anise(Pimpinella anisum) - emotionally warming and uplifting, an expectorant with antiviral properties, great for a spasmodic cough due to a cold or the flu.


Cardamom(Elettaria cardamomum)- a decongestant and expectorant; balances energy.


Peppermint(Mentha x piperita) - energy clearing; antibacterial, antiemetic, antiviral, circulatory stimulant; uplifts the mind to reduce fatigue.


Lemon(Citrus limon) - ulpifts and cleanses; expands energy; antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, and antidepressant.


  • Essential Oils

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