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You can work through and eventually withstand adversity. You can bounce back from difficult life events including stressful, painful and emotional experiences.


This light and fresh, flora, and slighty camphoraceous is a plus to have aroun during cold season. Purify and clear the air so that everyone can breathe better and get better quicker. 


The following essential oils are included in this blend:


Ho Wood Oil (Cinnamomum camphora ct linalool) helps against  depression and anxiety and reduce insomnia which often accompanies grief.


Grapefruit Rose Oil (Citrus paradisi) boosts your mood and brings fresh prespectives during challengin time to get you back to enjoying life.


Davana Oil (Artemisia pallens) is supportive to the heart and soul during cycles of change. Acts in surpressing depressiona while putting balance back into a person's emotions.


Bergamot Mint Oil (Mentha citrata) helps you relax and calms daily stress. It helps you focus and uplifts your mood. 


Marjoram Sweet Oil (Origanum majorana) offers reassurance during distress and encourages us to release anything that is not longer helping us to move forward.


Bounce Back

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