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Multicultural Dolls Because Representation Matters

Every child needs to see images of people who look like them. In my opinion it solidifies the words of wisdom gifted to them from parents, teachers, and other loved ones stating that they can be and do anything their heart desires. But as children, a lot of their roll models or celebrity influences are in cartoons and scripted movie characters. Parents notice when that their children are copying behaviors from what they are watching. My children had the cutest British accents for a long time from watching Peppa Pig, lol.

Children see themselves in their favorite cartoon or movie storyline and it’s powerful to them when those little characters represent their own culture, pronounce words like them, and/or have a similar hair texture or skin tone. I’ve lost count how many time my child will turn around to me and say, “Mommy, she looks like me!”

When they see those images their personality, character, and self-esteem blossoms! They realize that they are pretty, they are enough, and that they can be anything as they grow older!

That’s why creating crochet dolls in your likeness is important to me. Now I can’t make the dolls talk, but I can create one in the image of what your child sees in the mirror every day of their lives. It’s unique and it’s powerful because it’s them!

What are your thoughts?

Have your very own crochet doll created in your likeness. Visit Five Stones Boutique for details getting a Two Copper Pennies Crochet Doll.

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