Private Label Moisturizing Creams and Butters

Available in 2oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz jars.

Create a body product that is soft, silky and absorbs quickly to moisturize the skin. The combination of carrier oils and butters makes these extremely nourishing.

Choose an aroma or we can create one for you.

100% All Natural Aromas:

Citrus Wood-An essential oil blend of patchouli and cedarwood in a base of fractionated coconut oil combined with the fresh, fruity scent of orange essential oil. Like eating a ripe sweet orange on a hike in the woods.

Lemon Orange Twist-California lemon blends with orange sweet oil for a natural fresh creamy twist!

Rosemary Melon-A sweet fruit and herbaceous scent with juicy notes of berry, orange, pine, and a sugary vanilla note.

Vanilla Black Currant-Scrumptious red raspberries and black currants swirled with golden vanilla and garnished with fresh citrus zest.

Vanilla Butter-A sugary blend of rich vanilla, sweet coconut, and creamy butter.

Also available:


Signature Scent- customize your scent with essential oils